Alphonsa School provides quality education with simple and minimum facilities. The school maintains an educative atmosphere at all levels. The School has a team of well qualified and committed teachers. So far, the school has presented 12 batches of Class X and 8 batches of Class XII for the C.B.S.E. examinations. The outstanding results has increased its reputation and the school is a true centre of learning.

Std X
I2001 March22100%
II2002 March34100%
III2003 March49100%
VI2004 March47100%
V2005 March56100%
VI2006 March54100%
VII2007 March48100%
VIII2008 March77100%
IX2009 March81100%
X2010 March80100%
XI2011 March84100%
XII2012 March88100%
XIII2013 March90100%
XIV2014 March85100%
XV2015 March90100%
XVI2016 March87100%
XVII2017 March73100%
XVIII2018 March80100%
XIX2019 March77100%
I2005 March28100%
II2006 March20100%
II2007 March22100%
IV2008 March29100%
V2009 March37100%
VI2010 March45100%
VIII2011 March46100%
IX2012 March27100%
VIII2013 March48100%
XIV2014 March48100%
XV2015 March48100%
XVI2016 March48100%
XVII2017 March48100%
XVIII2018 March48100%
XIX2019 March48100%
Students Achievements

The Board examination results of Class X and XII of last year were excellent. Our students secured 100% pass in both. Out of 27 students presented for the XII examination 10 got distinction and 17 got first class.

Delona Tresa Joseph with 485 marks (97%), Juliet M. Joshy , with 440 marks (88%), Nikhil B.R. with 427 marks (85%) secured First, Second and Third positions respectively.

Alphonsa School secured 100% pass in CBSE Examination Std.X for the 12th consecutive year with 87 distinctions and one first class. Out of the 88 students presented for the examination 60 students secured A1 grade. Hearty congratulations to all. I appreciate the hardwork and dedication of the staff, the parents and the students.

1. The following students won prizes in Oisca International Top Teans Contest.

  • Manu Johnson - VIII-A
  • Alphy Gigi - VII-A
  • Irene S Charit - VII - B
  • Sivadmika A K - I - A
  • Nevin S Abraham - IV - B
  • Akshay P K - II - B
  • Richa Maria James - II - A
  • Darwin Joy - II - A

2. Abhinav Sabu Std.VIII - A and Anamika Thilak VI - B won First Prizes in painting Competition held on 8th September 2012in connection with insurance week at High School and junior level respectively.

3. The following students secured coveted ranks in National Level Sarvodaya Award Scholarship Examination 2012-2013, organised by Sarvodaya Award Scholarship Scheme, Calicut.

  • Karthika R Std.I,
  • Aleena Shijith C P Std.I,
  • Joel Vinod Std.II,
  • Maria Cerin Alias Std.III,
  • Riya Rose Roy Std.V,
  • Sreereshmi K B Std.VI,
  • Anoushka Sebastian Std.VII,
  • Angel Sajimon Std.VIII
  • Sharath Cherian Thomas Std.IX,
  • Saeed Anvar N P Std.X

4. Winners at the Sahodaya Schools Complex Kalotsav-2012-2013.

  • Kiddies : Story Telling - M.P. Karan Anish - I B- II Prize.
  • Cat II : Light Music - Keerthana J.S. - V B - I Prize.
  • Cat II : Light Music - Bostine Bose - VII A - III Prize.
  • Cat II :Essay Writing English - Fida Salim -VII A- I Prize.
  • Cat II :Mono Act - Ann Mariya -VII A- III Prize.
  • Cat III :Water Colour - Abhinav Sabu -VIII A - I Prize.
  • Cat III :English Recitation - Anamika Sebastian -IX A- III Prize.
  • Cat III :Malayalam Recitation - Aiswarya S L -IX A- II Prize.
  • Cat III :Mohiniyattam - C S Kavya -IX A - III Prize.
  • Cat III :Malayalam Essay Writing- Arunima Maria George -X B - III Prize.

5. Sarath Gokul - X A & Deepak Jayachandran X -B won second position in the quiz competition conducted by Public Library, Thamarassery.

6. Anamika Thilak got consolation prize for State Level Painting Competition organized by the Ministry of Water Resources, Govt. of India

7. The following students got cash award for Kerala State Electricity Board “Nalekkithiri Oorgam” Energy Conservation programme 2011-12 Kozhikode District.

  • Ist prize - Devapriya
  • IInd Prize - Abhedh M
  • IIIrd Prize - Sivadas S S

8. Anamika Thilak VI-B got IInd prize and a cash award of Rs.10000/- for Magic of Hands National Level Painting Competition for schools.

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