(Alphonsa English Medium School, started in 1992 by the late Bishop Mar Sebastian Mankuzhikary)

Alphonsa English Medium School, started in 1992 by the late Bishop Mar Sebastian Mankuzhikary, is conducted by the diocese of Thamarassery. This is a school run by a minority community as stipulated in the constitution of India. The school admits both boys and girls of all communities irrespective of caste or creed. The school aims at the total formation of each individual who joins it. Also it trains children to be courageous, truthful and well balanced to face the challenges of the present day world where moral values are often ignored. Alphonsa School expects its children to respect and serve their fellow human beings more than money and worldly wealth. It is a preparation for an active life of a critical thinking and commitment and concern for others.

The School pursues excellence in its moulding of the future citizens of India. Alphonsa School prepares children for the examination of the Central Board of Secondary Education. The Academic year is from May/June to March/April of the following year. Alphonsa English Medium School, Thamarassery is recognized as a minority Institution as per the order dated Ist June , 2009.

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